Piper Shores is a non-profit, lifecare Retirement Community, with Independent Living, Assisted Living (including Memory Care) and Skilled Nursing. They are located in Scarborough, tucked between Higgins Beach and Scarborough Beach, with 800 feet of ocean frontage. Their mission is to offer a vibrant retirement living lifestyle that enriches residents by providing a continuum of the highest quality of care and service.

The retirement community attracts retired elementary school teachers and nurses, retired fishermen and clergy, doctors, lawyers and CEOs.  They come from all over the United States, but often times with some connection to Maine. One must be 62+ years old or be with someone who is 62+ in order to be eligible.

Why Scarborough?

“Our founding members were looking for an ocean front piece of property and came upon this, which used to be an old chicken farm. There are 138 acres of land, many of which is under some form of conservation or wetlands. It’s so close to Portland, which is very accessible and highlights a wonderful symphony of art museums and award winning restaurants.” Piper Shores

Best Advice

“Be true to your mission and vision, and create an environment that is welcoming to all.” Piper Shores

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